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规模:拥有超过100名具有丰富工作经验和受过良好培训的员工,锻造和机加工建筑面积各8000平方米;公司下设模具研发制造(CAD/ CAM)中心、锻造生产中心、机加工中心、零件装配中心、质量检测与控制中心和售后服务部门。


质量:ISO/TS 16949:2009和ISO9001:2008体系认证保证。



History: We have been staying in this field since 1976, thirty years experience in forging industry. We have registered as a company in 2004, offering forging, machining and fabrication to our customers eliminates the reliance on subcontractors.

Major: Finished products including Tie rod end, Drag link, Spring shackle, Steering knuckle arm, Wheel clamps, Concrete pump pipe couplings; Forging blanks including commercial vehicle chassis parts and construction machinery spare parts (Transmission shaft, Track chain link, Tie rod end, Control arm, Slack adjuster, etc.).

Brand: Build“Minduan (闽锻)”in 2010, the featured product is our forging parts, our factory code is “LX”; Build“Lixin (励鑫)” in 2011, the featured product is tie rod end, we have more than 33 agents in China.

Scale: Each 8000 M2 space for forging and machining factories; 100 skilled workers at the factory; 5 professional R&D engineers and quality control personnel.

Product ability: Forging product output in 2014 arrives to 10000 tons.

QA: ISO/TS 16949:2009,ISO9001:2008 certifications.

Main customers: Supply forging blank and semi-finished products to Great Wall Vehicle Axles Company Ltd (China); Supply tie rodend to Dongfeng Motor Corporation of China.