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根据现有图纸或者样品,我们利用Unigraphics NX,CAD或者CAXA等制图软件转化为2D或者3D图纸,这将大大方便我们根据客户要求进一步修改产品参数和设计,从而得到精确的新产品参数。我们还可以利用3D模型进行应力分析测试。


Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Machining (CAM) play an important part in all aspects of modern manufacturing.

Working from product samples or existingdrawings, we use UnigraphicsNX,CAD,CAXA software to produce up-to-date drawings in the early stages of project development.

This benefits our customers because we can continuously refine designs, developing the product design to achieve their exact requirements.

Following drawing approval, component drawings can easily be transferred to the next stage of production.

This includes the on-site manufacture of forging dies and programming of CNC machines for final finishing if required.

We have software that can perform Stress Analysis tests from rendered 3D models, using both static and assembled components.

This enables us to evaluate product structure anddesign suitability and make alterations to suit various requirements. We can also input various material properties making the system fully customizable.

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